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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Identity theft summary

Instructions and Help about Identity theft summary

Think about how many people have your personal contact information your financial information all the places that you have a stored go ahead think about it for a moment it's a little bit shocking and it's a little bit scary at the same time isn't it so after watching this video you'll know five signs to watch for if you're a victim of identity theft and what you can do about it my name is Andrew Finney your real estate geek if you need help finding a top agent where you live or if you simply want to drop me a line let's say hello my contact info is below if you're new here please go ahead and subscribe to this channel now like this video and tap the bell icon to get notified of the next one thank you okay team let's take a closer look at this it might seem impossible to lock down all your information from the banks the creditors credit card companies schools were happy that have your financial information and personal information on file and on record yet with everything that could go wrong there's also good news and the good news is there's things that you can watch for the note if you're a victim of a identity theft so let's go ahead and get into it the first one is too many empty mail boxes those annoying little adverts that you get in the middle of time and you're wondering how many jungles how many forests were cut down to make those adverts they're actually kind of a good sign especially if they're offering you credit there are trying to get your business or something like that there can be a good sign that everything is okay now when that stuff stops and you're going to your mailbox and you're wondering what gives there's nothing in here and I'm used to seeing these beautiful colorful advertisements yeah I generally just put them in the recycle bin but at the same time I kind of like seeing them sometimes it's like a rainbow in my mailbox right when they stop appearing and that rainbow has disappeared you need to take notice and start going into proactive action especially if you have not heard from one of your creditors and like a month if that's the case then you need to reach out to them go online however you have that set up and double check to make sure that everything is okay on another note if you don't have paperless billing set up you might want to consider it for two reasons one it's a good thing to do for the earth so we can all continue enjoying breathing kind of an important thing the second reason is because it starts limiting the amount of personal information that's going into a physical realm being your mailbox and the opportunity they have it getting picked off getting dropped getting lost what have you.


How do you write a resume summary?
Your summary must convey your stability to the company you apply.Put 3–4 bullets of skills you are strong and have some success to tell in an interview.Like I put for one IT client. You can format center for presentation.Premier Skills∙ Agile Methodologies ∙ C#, Net and ASP∙ Scrum Methodologies ∙ Code Reviews∙ Web Services ∙ Responsive DesignBut you need to focus to tell your contribution to the company. I have a simple formula. SeeI f you want to learn how to, I have a ‘Job Getting Resume• writing course check it HERE.Hope this help.Mukesh.
What are good ways to protect yourself from identity theft?
Hi! There are many ways to prevent identity theft prevention. Of course, the first and foremost way would be to safeguard your private information like social security numbers, credit/debit card information, bank account details, etc. Sharing them via social media or e-mails is highly dubious as well as prone to theft. Try to share these kinds of details on call or in person.Another thing that is taking over the identity theft prevention milieu is performing KYC on a person before you begin dealing with them. There are many e-KYC softwares available today. The hottest one on the market now-a-days is Shufti Pro (Quick & Secure Digital Verification in Real Time - Shufti Pro).Shufti Pro performs quick, real-time digital identity verification for you and checks the authenticity of your customer and their legal documents. If they are not a fraud, then you can continue to perform business with them. Shufti Pro is cost and time effective and 99% accurate. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose Shufti Pro! Do check out their link for more information. :)(Disclaimer: I'm an employee at Shufti Pro and hence, closely familiar with its workings. I highly recommend the app, not because of my affiliation with it, but because of its accuracy, efficiency and prowess.)
How common is identity theft?
Not as prevalent as the media would have you believe.While fraud has been on the increase for last two decades since criminals figured out that drug dealing and armed robbery will usually net them less money and longer prison sentences, most are still stealing people’s identities to commit criminal acts. Most of what is called “identity theft” is actually just run-of-the-mill credit card fraud which has existed since credit cards were issued. True identity theft is actually very rare.The true horror stories about people becoming long-term impersonators of others, using their identities to drain pension funds and bank accounts, or even filing deeds and selling other people’s homes are very rare. Most people are aware enough of their finances and aren’t distracted by other things so that ID thieves can really harm them seriously. For now most of the damage that is down is to credit card companies and banks that have to write off losses due to fraud.Having said that, in the near future with improvements digital printing, with the increase of people using cloud storage for their personal information and as credit restrictions caused by the mortgage debacle lessen, identity fraud may truly become the dangerous crime that the media has been hyping it up to be.
My ID and computer were stolen out of my car. How can I prevent identity theft?
You can’t.If someone is planning on using your identity for theft, there is nothing that you can do to prevent it.You can, however, mitigate it by taking several steps:File a police report - In the report, detail all of the items which were taken, no matter how insignificant that you think that they are.Contact all of your credit issuers and your bank and have your cards cancelled - The sooner that you do this, the better. Credit card companies legally can only hold you responsible for the first $50 in charges (almost all of them waive the charges) and your bank has to replace any fraudulent withdrawals made from your account as long as you report the theft within 60 days.Place a fraud alert on your credit reports - This will be a huge pain in the ass for as long as you have it on them, but it will prevent people from easily receiving credit using your identity.Contact the local library if you have a card and tell them that you have lost your card - Many people forget this and it’s a bad idea to do so because A) A crook can check numerous new and expensive books and videos on your account and sell them. B) The crook can have the library give them a copy of the form that you completed to obtain your card. That document has personal information on it which may not have been in your wallet.Check your driving record with your state licensing agency - The crook may attempt to pass himself off as you during traffic stops and that could lead to your being fined or arrested for outstanding traffic violations. Also, you might wish to check to see if any titles were issued to you for any vehicles that you may own or not own as crooks can use your ID to get a new title for your vehicle and either get a loan against it or steal it later and then sell it.Contact your medical insurer - A crook can use your medical insurance card to charge healthcare and dental work and to obtain prescription medicines (especially painkillers) to sell.Check your cell provider and see if additional phones or mobile devices have been issued in your name - A crook could obtain numerous new phones on your account and then sell them at a profit. Or use them until they are caught.Check your state’s corporation bureau/Secretary of State - A crook (or whoever he sells your identity papers to) could start a business using your information. This could put you tens of thousands of dollars in debt (or more) and result in numerous agencies looking for you (actually, the crook pretending to be you) for a wide variety charges.Keep a copy of your police report with you at all times - While the police have grown used to ID fraud, some may still detain or arrest you if you are pulled over. Having a copy of the report will make things far less difficult if you are stopped or detained.Expect the unexpected - There many ways that your ID can be misused by a skilled ID thief. From buying aircraft and boats on your credit, to purchasing firearms, to obtaining Internet service in your name and then using it for fraud or for downloading child pornography, if your identity is indeed compromised, you should ready for whatever might happen.Good Luck.
Identity theft: How dangerous is it to toss out old catalogs and other junk mail without obliterating my name and address from them?
It's extremely dangerous for anyone to know your name and address as nothing would prevent such a person from knocking on your door and then saying your name, combined with some form of greeting, when you opened the door.  Even if you wisely choose never to open your door, such a person could say your name while you were on the other side of that door, in a foyer perhaps, which you would be forced to hear.  This person could just say your name outloud anywhere, in a bar or a Starbucks, and act like he or she knew you, and if anyone says otherwise, respond, "well then how do I know his home address?"
The argument against an assault rifle ban is that it would open the door and lead to further firearm restrictions. If we took that argument away by guaranteeing no further firearm bans would it be easier to ban assault rifles?
There already has been an “Assault Rifle Ban”. They were banned for 10 years. Multiple studies determined that the ban had no measurable effect on any crime or abuse. Simply put it was a waste of time and money. Because it was originally passed with a 10 year clause to evaluate the effectiveness before becoming permanent, it was allowed to expire.The real facts about the AR and AK platform is they are very rarely used in crime, as well as any other rifle or shotgun. Probably the primary reason is the inability to hide the things in a car or on your person. Therefore the armed criminal would much rather use an illegally obtained handgun so they can hide it from plain sight and still have quick access to use it illegally. Facts established by the FBI and CDC conclude that Knives are used to kill 5 times that of ALL rifle’s. More hands and feet are used to kill than all long guns combined. Note there are 2 separate listing for these items. Hammers and clubs kill more than any rifle. Handguns are used for killing far more than all other means combined. To put this in even better prospective here are more actual facts:FBI-UCR reports that in 2022 there were 10,982 firearm murders in the US. Expanded Homicide Data Table 87,032 by handgun403 by rifle (other study found approximately 21 AR-15’s were used, another 94)264 by shotgun3283 by other firearms, (unknown due to condition of the body or no projectile found etc. Most are attributed to handguns)1591 by Knives or cutting instruments467 by Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)696 by Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)Now understand there are over 12 million AR-15 rifles sold since 1964 to present, and climbing in the civilian hands now, an estimated 90 million rifles, and an estimated 80 million shotguns. The rest are handguns for a total of an estimated 393 million firearms. This number is climbing every year, but the firearm homicide rate is dropping every year. New firearm owners are also climbing every year, more than the death rate of the firearm owners, approximately 165 million firearm owners are in the US now, according to the FBI estimates.This means that out of our population in 2022 of an estimated 340 million, 11,000 criminals killed with a firearm. Let's assume they are part of the estimated 165 million firearm owners, that means that .0067% of firearm owners committed firearm murder in 2022 assuming one person one kill.(not true but is a worst case number it would be actually lower) and only .0028% of the owned firearms were used to murder.In conclusion this proves that any type of firearm ban would be insignificant on any number or crimes with a firearm and that another “Assault Weapons” ban will be just as ineffective as the prior ban. It also proves that firearm ownership is not the reason for crime. as the national average of criminal is estimated at 2% of total population. The firearm criminal is vastly less.Due to the above facts, I do not support any ban on any firearm as it is useless and a waste of time and money. We should instead look to enforce existing laws vigorously and without care of the “optics” that it may or may not create and hand down the maximum sentences for violence with a firearm and remove parole as an option involving firearm crimes. If any new laws are to be considered I would support 100% a law that creates a federal crime to use a firearm in a criminal activity and if convicted in a State court for such crime, that when the State handed down sentence is fully served then that sentence is again served in sufederal prison, so do 10 in the state pen then 10 Fed Hard Time. I guarantee you that the gang bangers will stop carrying firearms if they know they are looking at Federal hard time with no parole, after the State time. Get 7 do 14 if you use a gun, Period. We would be amazed at the sharp and drastic reduction in gun crime.IMHO
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