Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to report identity theft to social security

Instructions and Help about how to report identity theft to social security

An illegal immigrant has been using my social security number for well over a decade and causing me a lot of problems and I'm sharing this with you today because I want people to be aware of this issue in America it's kind of an underground issue a lot of people don't even know that their social security number is being used by somebody else by an illegal immigrant and I hear on the news all the time people being interviewed and talking about how how great illegal immigrants saw her and how they pay taxes that's what I was going to say how great illegal immigrants are and how they pay taxes well an illegal immigrant cannot and does not pay taxes unless they have stolen somebody else's social security number so in addition to committing a crime by coming into the country they would be committing another crime by stealing your identity and your social so I want to tell you guys in this video how to find out for real if somebody's using your social security number and then also will help you understand something when it comes to checking your credit report it will not show up that somebody else is using your social because the system is flawed it's crazy and I'm gonna explain that in this video first of all I just want to share with you a bit of my story I I moved to Las Vegas years back it was about eight or nine years ago I totally loved living there but when I first wanted to rent a place I needed to get the utilities turned on so I tried doing that like you would anywhere else and when I tried doing that I remember they would not allow me to because this other person who stole my social he's been using it for he's been using it in that regional area he was in living in Arizona I was living in Nevada but he had been using it so they basically thought that I was the criminal and that I had stolen somebody else's social security number and that he was the innocent victim and I had to jump through all sorts of Hoops and I was treated a little bit harshly and a little bit rudely over this which is fine it was just a little bit of a ridiculous situation to go through until I could prove who I was and they still let him use the service they just took the social off and identified it with my account rather than his but I was hoping it would give me his information so I could provide it to the authorities or something but they didn't let me do that at all not okay they'd like to protect the identity of criminals and so that's what happened and so over the years some other things happened and it kept coming up and causing me little issues like