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Identity theft protection Form: What You Should Know

This form allows you to inform the IRS of a return being filed using your SSN, which can help you avoid delays in the IRS or credit reports. IRS Form 14039 — How to Report Identity Theft Once you understand the basics, you can start filling out IRS Form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit) to notify the IRS of a new account that starts with your SSN or SSN and a similar name. Filing IRS Form 14039 The first step to filing this form is to have the IRS issue a Certificate of Identity. You can find out more about when you need it — such as a bank statement or utility bill — with this IRS video. For this example, you need to have the Certificate mailed to your local IRS office. As noted in the video, the IRS makes one of these forms a lot. The IRS offers it free by mail if you tell your identity theft story to the IRS. Also, you may be eligible for an Identity Theft Tax Credit from the IRS . There are many benefits to filing a Form 14039 if you don't already file it. With the IRS Form 14039, you have the opportunity to notify the IRS that a tax return was filed using your SSN. You may receive a tax refund. For example, if you didn't file a tax return or receive a refund for your SSN fraud, and you can show the IRS that you informed the IRS about the fraudulent return, you may get back part of the refund. There are several benefits to filing a Form 14039 to notify the IRS that a tax return was filed using your SSN. Here's what you should know and some common questions: Who can file a Form 14039 in Tax Year 2014? You can file this form if you are a taxpayer who: filed (or is scheduled to file) a Form 1040X, 1040AQ, 1040EZ, 1040 or 1040A; and File date for Form 1040X: October 19 File date for Form 1040A and 1040EZ : May 15 Filing Form 14039 — Identity Theft Affidavit — California IRS In California, the IRS forms the basis of their criminal investigations of Identity Theft.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Identity theft protection

Instructions and Help about Identity theft protection

Music, so identity theft is a thing? Parental theft is a thing, huh? Who knew? Jesus, come quickly! I mean, really? Wow, you steal from your own kids? You open credit cards in your kids' names, steal their identity? Let me just help you with this, that's criminal fraud. It's robbing a bank. And sadly, there are two types of identity theft we all know about. Like Yahoo, with 3 billion accounts, we know Equifax is a total bunch of incompetence. 143 million accounts dropped out there on Equifax, right? We all know. And just this week, they got another 5 million or something poured out that they came out with. You know, people steal your, you know, that they got the magnetic stripes or whatever in the ATMs, they steal your stuff. They look over your shoulder, they, whatever, you know. There's the classic crooks that basically don't know you and they live in whatever, you know, some country or something, Siberia or whatever. And they're sitting at their little laptop just pecking away in the underlings of the Internet, and, you know, like some scene from the Lord of the Rings or something, and they're just popping out, you know, they're stealing the identity. But, you know what's sad? A lot of identity theft is people you know. Somebody you know. And the amount of parents that are scum, that would steal from their own children, and let me help you with this, if you're stealing from your children, by definition, you're scum. You look up scum in the dictionary, your picture's right there. I mean, it's just, it's pretty easy to identify. I'm not just calling you names, I'm giving you a definition here, okay? So, I mean, really, that's just the bottom of the barrel. But,...