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Identity theft recovery services Form: What You Should Know

How to Report Identity Theft — IRS If you've been the victim of identity theft or found your personal information exposed online, the IRS will work with you to identify the thief. Who Can Request An Identity Theft Report — IRS In some situations, you cannot report identity theft to the IRS. You may not have the ability to provide all the information needed for the identity theft investigation. You can work with us to find the right solution for you. Report Identity Theft Without A Request In some cases you may not be able to report your identification to the IRS. For example: • You cannot recover the stolen taxpayer information from your online account as it is not attached to your online taxpayer account. • You do not have access to the IRS's tax system. You should make arrangements with the IRS's call center to obtain information about how to make the online account available again. • The identity theft was committed using an Internet account, but the thief used a mobile device, desktop computer, or other device to obtain your taxpayer information. • The identity theft is related to fraudulent conduct. For example, you've already reported your identity stolen and are concerned that your financial information is at risk. If you are facing a fraudulent tax claim, you have three options: • Send an Identity Theft Report to the IRS. To report a new IRS Identity Theft, please report the information above and use the Identity Theft Report link. Report Identity Theft To Someone Else You can report identity theft information online by filling out a Form 5329, Identity Theft Affidavit. This form also may be filled out using the IRS-ID Theft Report Form at the bottom of this website page. Online Tax Filing System The IRS Identity Theft page has additional ways to report this type of incident. Who Can Report Identity Theft — IRS If you have been the victim of identity theft and would like the agency to look into your case, you may file a Form 4469, Report of Identity Theft, which is provided by the IRS. You may also request an Identity Theft Report online at IRS.gov. If this incident involves money or the use of another taxpayer's personal information, you can file a Uniform Fraudulent Claims Act Report (UFA HR) Form. You must file an IRS Form 4500-X (formerly 4469) within seven days of the first unauthorized use of your information. The information you provide in the application must be true and complete. File a UFA HR form with the other IRS account or filing for the same taxpayer.

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Instructions and Help about Identity theft recovery services

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