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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Identity theft report police

Instructions and Help about Identity theft report police

So what do you do if you find a error on your credit report and you figure out that it's really an account that's not even your account its identity then well what suggests you there are four simple steps you take to fix this number one and of course this is after you pull your credit reports and figure out this problem but number one you would fill out an ID theft affidavit identity theft affidavit you can get that from the FTC or you can find it on our website as well and this is basically an affidavit is a sworn statement and so you identify who you are you identify what the account is and then you are squaring or promising under oath that this is true what you're saying that this is not your account and then there's usually a place for you to check whether you're willing to prosecute I'll just tell you what my rule is at my firm if somebody says oh it's identity theft but I'm not gonna prosecute then I won't take that case because I think it gets your credibility so I think you have to be willing to prosecute if somebody has stolen your identity which is a crime and then there's also a place to attach a police report so that's the second step the first step is fill out an ID theft affidavit second step go get a police report and here's my practical advice on walk into your local police station if it's just absolute chaos things are going crazy maybe go back another day but if it's relatively calm then there's always going to be some sort of action going on there but if it's relatively calm go up and say look I'm a victim of identity theft I've got the information right here here's a copy of my credit report here's a copy of maybe a letter from the credit card company a debt collector so in others make it easy for the officer to bill to go okay so when he or she is writing out their four things say yes this is a GE Capital card with the last four digits one two three four and it's $5,000 or whatever it is and then once you have that you put those two things together so you've got your ID theft affidavit and the police port put them together those are the first two steps now you need to actually send the letter to the credit bureaus and we suggest normally copying either the debt collector or the credit card company or mortgage company or whoever it is that has submitted that information about the account to the credit bureaus so you do it by certified mail now you can do it online but in our experience people do it online never attach the proper documents it's just so much easier do it sort of the old-fashioned way do a letter do.

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